About Me

Welcome to Coupon Time, a blog I have created for Smart Shoppers in Canada looking to stretch their dollar when purchasing everything from Groceries to Clothing for the entire Family. You will find where the deals are, where to find coupons, Great sales and more here. I also will include some Budget meals to help you stretch your Dollar. Welcome Fellow Canadian :)

My name is Lily and I am a stay at home mother of a wonderful Son. I have always been a saver and have never wanted to spend more money then I needed to. When my Son was born it became an even larger focus for me as I could not believe the cost of the everyday items we needed like diapers, formula and more. Babies and Children can be very expensive.

I hope that you will find what you need on my blog. I try and update everyday with coupons and deals that are available to Canadians, but sometimes other every day tasks get in the way.

NOTE: Coupontime.blogspot.com is a website that gathers coupons and deals from online stores to help consumers save while shopping. We do not guarantee the validity of any coupon codes, promotional codes, e-coupons, free shipping offers, discount deals, freebies or other special offers. That responsibility lies with the merchant that issued the coupon, deal or promo code. Thank you for understanding.